Plaza Comunitarias

Adriana Guarinas, Laura Davis, Dr. Luis Malpica Y DE Lamadrid, Maria Beaujean

Literacy Volunteers of America - Montgomery County (LVA-MC) met with Mexican General Consul, Dr. Luis Malpica Y DE Lamdrid on September 5th, 2014 to implement Plaza Comunitarias program in Montgomery County.

The Plaza Comunitarias Program provides transitional programs for Hispanic immigrants into English and adult basic education (ABE) classes. The program was established in 2001 by the Mexican government in collaboration with the Mexican Consulates in the USA. The program provides a foundational framework for Hispanics to integrate into American society. The Mexican government will provide the necessary materials and LVA-MC will offer administrative and tutoring services to these students.

The Plaza Comunitarias program will commence shortly and classes will be held at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Conroe, TX. LVA-MC hopes that many of these Plaza Comunitarias students will eventually transition into their ESL, ABE and possibly pre-GED classes.

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